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Axis is a unique and high-end drug and alcohol addiction treatment program designed to meet the individual needs of each patient who attends.

Beginning with an extensive diagnostic and evaluation process, Axis identifies all the issues that are creating obstacles to the addicted person’s ability to function without drugs and alcohol and then follows up by creating a treatment plan that is tailor-made for the patient with the goal of helping them to overcome these obstacles and build a firm foundation in recovery.

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Treatment Highlights
  • High-end treatment: In the context of drug treatment, “high-end” means the ability to access the best possible choice in treatment and therapy for each individual. At Axis, we bring it all home by maintaining all of our specialists and providers in house – no patient is ever without the support he or she needs when it is needed.
  • Cutting-edge therapies: New treatments, medications, and therapeutic interventions for the treatment of drug addiction are under scientific investigation and development all the time. Here at Axis, we prioritize the incorporation of the best possible care option for all patients, which often means utilizing the latest in evidence-based treatment.
  • Highly educated specialists: Our staff members have years of education as well as experience in the field backing their ability to support each and every patient on an individual and daily basis.
  • Personalized care: When a patient seeks help in overcoming dependence upon drugs and alcohol, it’s more than just the addiction itself that must be addressed in treatment. Other co-occurring mental health disorders, behavioral symptoms, family issues, and day-to-day challenges can have a direct impact on the patient’s ability to remain clean and sober for the long-term and therefore must be identified and managed during rehabilitation.
  • Amenities that matter: Luxury rehabs are more than just expensive décor. The ability to have a single room if necessary or to have the space to meditate and relax during the rigorous detox and addiction treatment process cannot be overstated. Organic and thoughtful meals, expansive and manicured grounds, and all the details of architectural design inside and out contribute to an atmosphere of healing and wellness that can significantly impact the patient’s ability to focus on and progress in their recovery.
  • Effective follow-up care: The linchpin in a patient’s ability to incorporate learned coping mechanisms in the everyday world is aftercare. At Axis, we are heavily involved in making sure that each patient has everything necessary to feel strong in recovery by the time they leave and a solid plan in place to continue their growth and healing process once they return home.

Axis Residential Treatment Center

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Why Choose Axis Treatment Centers

At Axis in the Palm Springs area of Indian Wells, California, we offer an intensive program for each and every patient who comes through the door, providing them with the personalized care and 24-hour support that they need to overcome both their physical and psychological dependence upon drugs and alcohol. The comprehensive nature of our philosophy of care means that each patient leaves with an arsenal of powerful new skills and experiences in recovery as well as a strong basis in ongoing treatment for chronic co-occurring issues.

How We Provide Affordable Care

Many families are concerned about the impact that a hefty bill for a high-end treatment center will have on their family finances. They often feel caught between wanting the best possible treatment for their addicted loved one and being financially responsible so as not to impair the financial future of everyone else in the family.

It’s a valid concern and one that Axis takes seriously. To mitigate that concern, we have worked hard to make sure that excellent treatment is never out of reach by working with most insurance companies and keeping our rates well below the industry average while still providing excellent care, luxury amenities, and a wide range of treatments and therapeutic resources to each of our patients.

Individualized Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Plans

The key to individualized treatment when substance abuse is an issue is to accurately identify all the underlying or co-occurring diagnoses that also require treatment. In some cases, the primary areas of focus in addition to addiction treatment and relapse prevention are job skills, communication skills, relationship building, and managing day-to-day functionality. For these patients, a 30-day, 60-day or 90-day addiction treatment program may be the most effective choice.

However, in patients where there is a diagnosed co-occurring mental health disorder (e.g., depression, anxiety, a mood disorder, etc.) then a dual diagnosis rehabilitation program is recommended in order to better provide the comprehensive care necessary for long-term sobriety and healing.

  • 30-60-9090-day addiction treatment program: A 90-day addiction treatment program is ideal for those who struggle primarily with addiction and related issues. Often past struggles with trauma, abuse, self-esteem, or poor family relationships are part of the problem, and these can be addressed effectively through an intensive psychotherapeutic treatment program. With 90 days of a unique combination of traditional, alternative, and holistic therapeutic interventions that focus on different aspects of growth and recovery, patients can build their confidence and their ability to make positive choices and remain clean and sober when they return home.
  • Dual diagnosis drug rehab: When a patient is diagnosed with both a substance abuse problem and a mental health disorder, it is essential that they undergo a treatment program that provides intensive and directed treatment for both issues at the same time. Because the symptoms of the mental health disorder are often triggers for relapse and drug use worsens mental health symptoms, it is important that patients first stabilize through detox and psychiatric treatment then follow up by learning how to manage both their mental health issues as well as remain relapse-free.

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